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Ben Heck's Nintendo-Playstation Prototype Teardown - Asi se ve por dentro

So First of all, let me see say this is something real and interesting, but this console actually was working before and the owners played a lot SNES games on it, as you can see on the video:

Antes que nada quisiera comentar que esto es real y que la consola funcionaba perfectamente y su dueño jugaba cartuchos de SNES en este Nintendo Playstation o Nintendo CD como se muestra en el siguiente vieo:

Now i present to you the Ben Heck Video that shows you the inside guts of the Retro machine that Never was, because Reasons.

En este otro video se muestra la primera parte de esta "Autopsia" "Necropcia" lol de esta consola retro que nunca fue, por razones.

So they will try and fix it and show us on their next video, dont miss it!
How did you like the videos? Leave your thoughts and comments below, Good day people!

Ya veremos si logran reparar este Nintendo Playstation en el proximo episodio de Ben Heck en su canal de youtube, no se lo pierdan!
Que les parecio el video dej…

Mini NES Classic comes in November 2016 with 30 preinstalled Games who needs the NX?

Nintendo revealed that the NES which was originally released in the 1980s is returning to stores. For Real!

The NES Classic Edition will launch on November 11 with 30 bundled games. As you can see in the image below, it's very, very small.

The NES Classic Edition doesn't connect to the internet or use external storage devices, so the games it comes with are all you'll be able to play on it, Nintendo confirmed to Kotaku.

"We wanted to give fans of all ages the opportunity to revisit Nintendo's original system and rediscover why they fell in love with Nintendo in the first place," Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said in a statement. "

The NES is coming back to stores! Pick up the new mini NES Classic Edition on 11/11 w/ 30 included games! — Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) July 14, 2016
Full List of Games on Mini NES Classic console:Balloon FightBubble BobbleCastlevaniaCastlevania II: Simon's Quest

#zeldabreathofthewild The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Gana 3 premios #E3: Lo Mejor del Show y mas

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Gana 3 premios E3:

Lo Mejor del ShowMejor Juego de ConsolaMejor Juego de Accion/Aventuras

La lista completa de los demas ganadores aca en la fuente

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