Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Direct - Resumen

Te lo perdiste? no hay problema, ve aqui en video el Nintendo Direct de Smash Bros. 3DS y Wii U:

- 3DS version due out this Summer, Wii U version due out this Winter
- 3DS version runs at 60fps in 3D
- some assist trophies will run at 30fps
- fighter lineup the same between both games, but the stages will be different
- in the 3DS version, each stage has 2 songs tied to it
- in the Wii U version, visit My Music to play songs from past Smash games

- past stages returning in both versions
- Dr. Wily castle stage has the Yellow Devil attack the fighters at random times. The last person to get the final hit on the Yellow Devil will net them a massive explosion attack hurting all other players.
- boss characters appear in other stages as well
- Wii U version will have the option to play online with friends or with anyone. 3DS version will have online play as well.
- For Fun and For Glory online play modes when not playing with friends. For Fun includes random stage and items. You can also set parameters as you choose. Number of victories will be recorded. For Glory only lets you play Final Destination. No items will be available here either.

- online play will now show NNIDs. Online play will try to combat people that try to drop out of matches and may even ban them.

- online play will have a scoring competition. This will include scores for solo modes. This is called Global Smash Power. The larger the number, the better the player. This is compared to players worldwide. No rankings for online multiplayer, but matchmaking based on skill levels.

- Legendary Pokemon will come out of a Master ball. Arceus is confirmed.

- Samus' suit will no longer fall off after her Final Smash. Zero Suit Samus is still included on the roster, though. She now has jet boots.

- Zelda now has a Phantom Slash move that brings in a guard from Phantom Hourglass. Sheik also returns with burst grenade and bouncing fish moves.

- Kirby now has a Hammer Flip attack and an Ultra Sword final smash.

- King Deedeedee no longer throws Waddle Dees
- Lucario's aura attack has been strengthened. He also has a Mega Evolution
- Olimar can only have 3 Pikmin following him. Olimar now plucks Pikmin in a fixed order.

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