How to install or Update to Wiiflow 4.2.1 Download!

Updated January 2016:

Wiiflow 4.2.1 Download for Wii and WiiU vWii
As always, extract the .zip file to your SD card Root and open it with homebrew channel, if you already have another wiiflow in your SD card, go to Apps, then rename the old wiiflow folder to wiiflow "version number"  and then extract/copy over the new wiiflow folder to Apps or just extract the whole Zip file to your SD card Root. Questions? leave a comment below!

Whats New?

-Sourceflow, now you can view all sources in a coverflow too
-Completely reworked default theme by mamule, thanks to him alot for all the
-added experimental autoboot function for source menu buttons, just add
"autoboot=ID" for channel, wii and gc game buttons or "autoboot=TITLE" for
plugin and homebrew buttons. Replace ID/TITLE with the game ID/Title you want to
boot when clicking on the button of course.
-added "allow_b_on_questionmark" to the wiiflow.ini so you can disable the
random game bootup when pressing b on the question mark icon
-added new source menu config menu access it via startup settings menu
-wiiflow will now slightly fadeout to black after one minute of no activity
-added Nintendont GC Loader support
-added custom titles support for plugin roms
-added 4 nand presets to the nand setting page 2
-added the vwii widescreen fix by tueidj
-added quite alot of new options to wiiflow to set various things
-fixed ALOT of bugs which prevented games from booting, letting wiiflow crash

November 2013:
Now we do move up to 4.2 because of all the big additions to wiiflow!
The main new features are
-a FTP Server
-a File Explorer
-a Language Downloader
-a Path Selector for both wiiflow paths and Emulated NAND paths
-a custom banner downloader
-a WAD Installer for Emu NAND Channels
-an automated MIOS installer for different GC games
-a new Source Menu feature to select multiple coverflows to display at the same time
I hope that includes most of the important changes.
You can find the FTP Server and File Explorer in the Home Menu of WiiFlow
The WAD Installer is used via the File Explorer, you can also uninstall Channels now from
your Emu NAND using the same way as for every other game.
The Language Downloader is located in the general settings as well as the Path Selectors
The custom banner downloader are in the per-game settings, mainly downloading GC banners
To use the automated MIOS installation just use the new "mios" folder in your wiiflow main folder,
copy in dm.wad for diosmios, dml.wad for diosmios lite, qfusb.wad for quadforce usb,
qfsd.wad for quadforce sd and mios.wad for the regular mios, the wads you need to copy in depend
on your personal usage
To use the new Source Menu features just go into the startup settings and enable Multisource,
you can use the + button to select more than one source then.
WiiFlow now also has full compatibility to UStealth, a tool to hide your HDD from the WiiU question
 if you want to format it, check out for more details about that tool.
now this is just the list of big things, yet again they are a lot of smaller additions and as always bugfixes,
cleanups and speedups.
To find out more about the new release you can join the irc channel #wiiflow on or
just go to the wiiflow thread and just ask what you want to ask.
Thanks to everyone still supporting the project, especially to fledge68,
Ayatus, mamule and all the beta testers and contributors behind the scenes!
Have Fun!

OLDER Versions and How To (below)

WiiFlow 2.1 MB for Wii and WiiU vWii
If you are upgrading just replace this apps folder with the one in your SD Card and done!
If its the first time just copy all contents of this zip file to the root of your SD Card and done!.

Description: hey guys, time to update to 4.1.3! not much changed this time but you know stability updates are important, thats the log: -added my ntsc-j patch for gc games, meaning you should be able to play japanese gc games on non-japanese properly now -updated the wii game video patching, now if you set video patching to normal or higher, it will also apply the sneek video patch, this will give you a much higher compatility in patching video modes -added fwrite patch, just set debugger to OSReport -fixed up some neek rev checks -replaced the "Disabled" hooktype by "AUTO", meaning it will automatically set the hooktype VBI for you if you want to use cheats but forgot to select a hooktype -added debugger pause back, it will be automatically enabled if you just use debugger but no cheats -added full plugin dol path support, meaning if you use for example dolFile=usb1:/apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol as dol file path, wiiflow will also load it from there, if you just specify for example dolFile=snes9xgx.dol, wiiflow will add the plugin path to it to build like usb1:/wiiflow/plugins/snes9xgx.dol for loading -added plugin dol path auto partition searching, meaning if you do dolFile=apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol, wiiflow will check through sd:/apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol, then usb1:/apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol, etc. -updated wiiflows libraries, this should give more stability especially for cover loading -added quadforce 4+ support -added a new plugin argument, {name_no_ext}, it will get replaced by the filename, just without its extension -now required and selected categories are cleared whenever you change source(s)

Wiiflow 4.1.2 Download

Instructions to Install Below the Description and Links

hey guys, FIX94 here, felt like releasing 4.1.2 today, theres not much changed but still they are bugs in 4.1.1 we should fix fast ;) 
-fixed a fatal bug that you cant see your wii games on first boot 
-fixed plugin music doesnt work if you dont have background music normally 
-fixed custom missing covers doesnt work properly -rewrote parts of the alphabetic sort system, now the plugins in the plugin menu are also sorted 
-added support for korean wii games (use it with neek or a korean wii
-removed the press b on channel icon to switch to emu nand and back, this is now done on the fly by just selecting NAND as partition, of course this function is still completely disabled for neek users ;) -removed the ios and force cios load options from the ini so they are only settable in the wiiflow startup menu from now on, that should stop wiiflow with mixing up ini and nand save options 
-added a ini option to disable the source menu, use_source (enabled by default) 
-finally added a "Back" button to the startup menu
 -added plugin subfolder cache file creation to prevent overwriting on same filenames based on the coverFolder option in plugin inis, "subfolder_cache" in "EMULATOR" domain, enabled by default (thx matt0620 for base patches)

Wiiflow 4.1.1: As promised, I’ve added plugin support for music files in r888:
The usage is quite simple, copy over this ini file into your plugin folder:
and edit the path to where your music is. Currently the ini is set to the default wiiflow music path, “wiiflow/music”. You can choose whatever you want. You cant add filetypes, its currently mp3 and ogg only, thats because of wiiflows internal player. You can select it as every other wiiflow plugin then and if you press play it wont start a dol but the music file you selected, easy as that ;)

Click here for Wiiflow version 4.0.2 Download-Descarga

Click here for the Wiiflow 3.1 pack (No Themes included)
For 3.1 .DOL REVISION 418 File Click Here

    HOW TO INSTALL for Wii and WiiU vWii 

    Ok just remember to backup/rename before replacing files...

      First download the files if you are updating or its your first time its the same steps:

        1. Go to your SD card,unzip and copy the contents of the Wiiflow pack (No Themes included) 
        2. Insert your SD card to your Wii console, and make sure you have your usb HDD plugged in.
        3. Open your HomeBrew Channel (HBC) and load Wiiflow.
        4. If it gives you two buttons that say INSTALL GAME and SELECT PARTITION, use the SELECT PARTITION OPTION.
        5. Select Game Partition USB1 if you use USB HDD or SD. If you cant select then click parental controls and set your password up. 
        6. If for some reason your wiiflow game doesnt load, use this Stable R374.dol wiiflow rename it to boot.dol and replace the one on your \apps\wiiflow\ folder
        7. Enjoy!
        OLDER Versions:
        About this new 3.1 Version Revision 418:
        Better, easier to use, compatibility with almost ALL games, some games requiere special attention, supports Hermes IOS 222 (v2-5.1), also supports Waninkoko IOS 249 (v.14-21), Default configurations for: ( IOS 249, IOS 222, IOS 223, 224 IOS, IOS 250), Direct game launching channels, Parental settings, Free Support, You can install it on a HardDrive with FAT/NTFS partitions, Background Music, Download Game Covers in HQ (1024x680) from (, able to show more than 100 cover on screen (HQ covers), Loads WBFS, FAT32 and NTFS games, CHEATS for ocarina on games, able to come back to specific game or to WiiFlow, able to show fan art, Game themes (, able to see video game trailer, also capable of grouping up to 11 personalized categories, Dynamic updates, Alt-Dol-Assistance and, wdm archives included, translated to 22 lamguages.

        - Improved support for the latest versions of (5,1 Hermes CIOS latests Waninkoko DIP).
        - Lots of corrections to improve stability of the loader.
        - Multiple Solutions as fan support, sound play, interference, etc.
        - Supports the game copy from loader on a NTFS partition.
        Full Changelog:
        • Added support DML
        • Re-added IOS selection  (THIS IS NOT TRUE SINCE IT DIDNT LET ME DO IT, use  Stable R374.dol  instead if you need to play COD Black OPS with ISO50 or latest Kirby Game)
        • Added yellow and green color cover
        • Added support for using homebrew icon.png
        • Added partial and full emulation Save Settings button to aggregate and Individual game settings
        • Added support for homebrew dollz
        • Added option to disable block IOS reload
        • Added patch force aspect ratio
        • Added option “update_cache” in GENERAL section, to force cache update at startup
        • Added, removed debug and fixed Some messages
        • Added custom titles for homebrew
        • Added button to toggle “custom” setting of channels
        • Pressing ‘B’ on ‘button config’ Will now force a cache update for current view
        • Added missing break; ‘s in UpdateCache function (menu.cpp)
        • Added missing stuff for DML update
        • Only opening game info menu if gametdb IS features
        • Added option to disable channel coverflow mode (hidechannel) in GENERAL section in ini
        • Fixed nand emulation partition set for d2x v8 +
        • Fixed Wii disc Launching for games with IOS58 base
        • Fixed gamecube disc Launching
        • Fixed gamecube disc audio streaming
        • Fixed black wii game covers
        • Fixed and added lot’s of alternate color spaces
        • Fixed color type for Many games
        • Fixed wiimote sync issue
        • Fixed source code compiling Under linux
        • Fixed IOS reloading games
        • Fixed a screen issue in menu_about
        • Fixed cache wiiflow
        • Fixed title in codedump if gametdb IS along than 64 chars
        • Fixed wrong titles Displayed When updating gametdb
        • Fixed Various Other gametdb bugs
        • Fixed crash in WaitMessage (Hopefully)
        • Fixed crash if no download cover {loc} is in url_full_covers
        • Compressed all PNG files
        • Updated libpng from 1.2.34 to 1.4.4
        • Updated from 0.1.0 to 0.1.2 metaphrase
        • Set “partition” option for emu nand to 0 (SD) to Prevent crashes by default
        • General code clean Stability up and more * Lots of Other Improvements we forgot to list

        OLDER but useful Versions:
        The Wiiflow team has finally, publicly released Wiiflow 2.2.  The new version of Wiiflow includes several new features that make it a compelling choice for your USB loader like FAT/NTFS loading support, mp3 support, WIP patches, BCA codes (NSMBWii), in-menu nunchuck support, as well as an updated language.ini file.
        If you’re updating from Wiiflow 1.x, don’t worry.  It’s as easy as pie xD
        WiiFlow 2.2 Features:
        • Fast and easy to use
        • User friendly controls.
        • Stable (according to testers)
        • Doesn’t flicker on old TV’s
        • Compatibility with almost all games though some games require special attention.
        • Properly supports the 3 latest versions of Hermes’ IOS 222 (v2-5.1)
        • Properly supports the latest versions of Waninkoko’s IOS 249 (v14-19)
        • Comes in five (5) flavors : running under IOS 249, IOS 222, IOS 223, IOS 224, IOS 250
        • Parental control
        • Themes Support
        • Installed on HDD if you have a FAT partition
        • Sounds and music
        • Cover downloading, HQ (1024×680) and localized (
        • Ability to display more than 100 covers on screen (HQ covers)
        • Loads games from WBFS, FAT32 and NTFS
        • Loads channels from the Wii’s NAND
        • Allows ocarina cheats in games
        • Allows automatically returning to a specified channel on exit
        • Ability to show fanart for each game (
        • Ability to view video trailers for each game.
        • Ability to sort games in up to 11 custom names categories.
        Important Note: If you’re not versed with the jargon that this post uses, stop before installing anything and post a question first. BE VERY CAREFUL.

        WiiFlow Requirements:

        • A softmodded Wii
        • Working Homebrew Channel, Priiloader or anything similar
        • If using the wad pack, make sure to install all of the wads. You can also install your forwarder channel at the same time.
          NOTE:With the lastest d2x cIOS intaller you can install IOS 236 too. 
        • A working cIOS (cIOS38Rev14 or cIOS38Rev17 recommended, however 223, 224 and 250 are also supported)
        • SD Card with at least 100MB free (or a FAT partition on your USB HDD)
        • WBFS formatted USB HDD
        • WAD Manager 1.5 on your SD Card
        • A copy of WiiFlow.  Download the version you’ld like to use:

        Important Note: Due to a lot of changes, also in the configuration files, you might experience problems when you upgrade your current version to this new version. In case you experience unexpected behavior, or a code dump, please try to start from fresh.
        WiiFlow 2.2‎ ‎

         As of WiiFlow 2.1 we now have the ability to upgrade your WiiFlow via the internet

        This is currently not an automatic process, select the "?" or About menu on your theme (bottom left icon on default theme).
        Then Choose "Upgrade", this will check and advise if there is a newer version and offer the ability to download it.

        NOTE: If you use PriiLoader you must use a Forwarder DOL in order to use the update feature.
        If you install the WiiFlow DOL in to PriiLoader the Update will not work.

        Please see Loading Methods for further info on Forwarders and PriiLoader.

        Upgrade from Wiiflow 1.1

        Since Wiiflow 2.2 the configuration files have changed. The change was required to maintain a constant speed,
        while the amount of options incremented.

        To upgrade your Wiiflow 1.1 installation to 2.2, you'll have to take the following steps:

        1. If the directory /apps/wiiflow/wiiflow exists, move it to /wiiflow.
        2. Remove the directory /apps/wiiflow.
        3. Remove the directories /wiiflow/themes.
        4. Download the No Dol package from our Google Downloads page.
        5. Extract the No Dol package in the root of your drive (it has a /wiiflow directory inside).
        6. Download the correct wiiflow version for your wii, you can also find this on the Google Download page.
        7. Extract the wiiflow zip file in the root of your drive (it has a /apps/wiiflow directory inside).

        In short, you'll have to make sure that all configuration files are deleted, you will have to start fresh. You can
        keep the covers, boxcovers and cache directory. All other directories have been updated.

        WiiFlow Installation

        As with the original Wiiflow release, you have several options when installing Wiiflow 2.1.  You can run it off via the HBC or install it via a forwarder channel.  Each option has some pros and cons so pick your the installation method akin to your needs.
        For complete details you can check out this
        use the d2x cIOS v7b1d Installer. to make it work if not it will never detect your usb drive.
        Now on with the App installation.
        If you are using the installer, make sure to install all bases, starting with ios 245 and the lowest available base, working your way up to 251 base 58, using IOS236 to do the install.
        In the first option you come in the intaller(cIOS Selection), it will choose automatically IOS 58 (AHBPROT) for you. If you don't have it , select IOS 236 and then on the following page where you actually install d2x, you select it like this:

        version: v7beta1d
        base: 37
        slot: 245

        Press A and wait for it to complete, then Press A again to continue.

        version: v7beta1d
        base: 38
        slot: 246

        Press A and wait for it to complete, then Press A again to continue.

        version: v7beta1d
        base: 53
        slot: 247

        Press A and wait for it to complete, then Press A again to continue.

        version: v7beta1d
        base: 55
        slot: 248

        Press A and wait for it to complete, then Press A again to continue.

        version: v7beta1d
        base: 56
        slot: 249

        Press A and wait for it to complete, then Press A again to continue.

        version: v7beta1d
        base: 57
        slot: 250

        Press A and wait for it to complete, then Press A again to continue.

        version: v7beta1d
        base: 58
        slot: 251

        After this Press B to exit.

        Be sure to delete gameconfig1.ini and gameconfig2.ini in /wiiflow/settings, all WDM files /wiiflow/codes/wdm, and also your /wiiflow/cache/lists folder!
        Note: These dol's are less tested than previous betas, but may very well be more stable than the most recent releases. The entire sound handling has been changed/rewritten and things seem to freeze up a lot less.

        Run Wiiflow via the Homebrew Channel

        This is the simplest way to run Wiiflow but will leave you out of the more interesting features of the application.  Plus you’ll have to run wiiflow via HBC everytime instead of just clicking a channel.
        • Download the proper Wiiflow version you want to use (see above in the requirements)
        • Extract the WiiFlow archive to the “apps” folder on either your SD Card / Fat Partition on your Hard Drive.
        • Launch Wiiflow via the HBC
        Simple right?

        Run Wiiflow from via a Forwarder channel

        A forwarder channel is simply a channel on your Wii Menu that launches Wiiflow.  It’s not the easiest way to install Wiiflow but it’s definitely the most rewarding.
        Important Note: If you’re going to install Wiiflow on your SD Card, you need to have it on the slot everytime you boot up your Wii.
        This is the most basic installation of WiiFlow:
        • Download the proper Wiiflow version you want to use (see above in the requirements)
        • Download the WiiFlow Forwarder Channel
        • Copy all the required files into your SD Card / Fat Partition on your Hard Drive
        • Extract the WiiFlow archive to the “apps folder on either your SD Card / Fat Partition on your Hard Drive
        • If done properly, you should get the following path
        • Connect your SD/HDD to your Wii and boot it up
        • Run the Homebrew channel and from it the WAD Manager.
        • Copy the boot.dol file from the Wiiflow directory (the one you’ve extracted in step 4) and place it on the root of your SD / hard drive.  If you’re upgrading your Wiiflow installation, you can skip this step if you’re going to use the same boot.dol or simply replace it with the one you’re going to use.
        • On the WAD Manager select the cIOS you wish to use (or simply the cIOS version of Wiiflow that you’ve downloaded) and install ‘WiiFlow-WFBJ(honey).wad’
        • Wait for the Installation to Finish and you’re done.
        If you encounter any problems, just post a comment below!
        Good day people!

        Saludos gente!

        Spanish Instructions: Wiisos Instrucciones para instalar Wiiflow en español.

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