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Launch Dates for Nintendo by Region in 2010

Check that it also includes the "New" Hardware that is coming from Nintendo and that Metroid other M is scheduled for SUMMER 2010 !!! The Legend of Zelda only appears at the Japan list :(

Red Steel 2 Pre Order Pack info:

As mentioned on the game's official forum the pre-order pack will include:

- A Red Steel 2 art book : Players will take a voyage through the Red Steel 2 universe with this exclusive 20 pages + 4 cover pages Red Steel 2 art book containing the influences, sketches and drawings made by the Red Steel 2 team.

- A Red Steel 2 branded metal bullet.

- Four exclusive in-game weapons :

1. The Tataro .357 Magnum: A prime example of the best of modern western orient craftsmanship, carried by Payne, one of the Red Steel 2 bosses.

2. Cord Industries Barracuda .357 AMP: The perfect weapon for the modern warrior. This is the firearm chosen by the villain of Red Steel 2®.

3. Kuro No Ken - The Sora Katana of the Katakara Clan: Each clan of the great west claims ownership of one of these sora katanas. The Katakara clan claims to have this one: kuro no ken, the black blade. Its strength and fury in battle is said to be unmatched, as is the force it generates. This is the blade wielded by the villain of Re…

Wii and Nintendo DS Outsell NES and GameBoy

Having updated its lifetime hardware sales figures, Nintendo today confirmed that the Wii has outsold the Nintendo Entertainment System--making Wii the "best selling Nintendo home videogame console of all time"--while the Nintendo DS has replaced the GameBoy as its best-selling hardware of all time. "Needless to say, these are just two milestones of a larger journey in our efforts to reach the ultimate goal of bringing one home console for every household and one handheld for everyone," Nintendo president Satoru Iwata explained in his presentation.

Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. DS A breakdown of some top-selling Wii and Nintendo DS games accompanied the revelation, with the original Wii Sports--bundled with Wii hardware everywhere except Japan, where it is sold seperately--now at 60.69 million copies worldwide.
Nintendo DS Software - Lifetime Sales of Select Titles Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - 3.7 million Pokemon Platinum - 6.86 million New Super Mario…

Marines: Modern Urban Combat

Title: Marines: Modern Urban Combat
Release Date: NA Jan 26, 2010
Players: 2

MetaScore: N/A/100
IGN Score: N/A/100

Controllers & Connectivity:

Game Description: Get ready for intense, realistic military shooting action on the Wii platform. Grab the Wii remote and lead your squad into battle with tactics and strategies used by the real U.S. Marine Corps. Marines: Modern Urban Comat brings the thrills of first person shooters to the Wii with intuitive Wii controls, deadly AI, amazing squad dynamics, and more!

This game kind of sucks but well you decide!
Here is a video:

Single Player

Es del conocimiento popular, aunque sin ser verdad en todos los casos, que el videojugador es una persona solitaria. Quienes somos parte de este pasatiempo, nos damos cuenta que cada vez más personas se integran y las distancias son irrelevantes cuando del juego en línea se trata.
El estereotipo del jugador aislado va quedando en el pasado. Los desarrolladores, con miras a elevar el número de consumidores, integran a los juegos actuales la posibilidad de interacción entre varios jugadores.
Hace unos meses, mientras jugaba, pasó por mi mente la siguiente frase: "No se... últimamente no estoy disfrutando el Gaming... hace falta la experiencia multiplayer". Mientras reflexionaba al respecto, me daba la impresión de que los juegos actuales estaban descuidando el modo de Single Player, mi "hipótesis" se veía confirmada cuando escuchaba o leía comentarios sobre CoD: MW2. Un juego de última generación no duraba más de 6 horas en Single. Consulté mi historial de juegos y tan…

New Zelda Wii rumors

According to the popular japanese message board 2chan (prior leaks by 2chan have proved accurate) here are some details of the new Zelda game coming for wii.

- The game seems to be a sequel to "Majora's Mask".
- Will differ from the established dungeon-field-dungeon gameplay style (confirmed by Aonuma).
- Link will be right/left - handed according to player preferences.
- Gameplay and mechanics are done, story and characters still in progress.
- The girl shown here will be called Aderu or Adella or Adelle and will contact with Link through his sword.
- Link's sword will not be the Master Sword.
- Horseback combat is back, with a more intelligent Epona.

Según el popular tablón de mensajes japones 2chan  (fugas anteriores de 2chan han demostrado ser exactas) Éstos son algunos de los detalles del nuevo juego de Zelda que viene para Wii.

- El juego parece ser una secuela de "Majora's Mask".
- Difiere de la mazmorra-terreno-mazmorra establecida e…

NBA JAM is back and on Wii

For we few that remember the glory known as NBA Jam it has been announce that EA Game is going to release. With fun features including actual player faces up to 5 different facial expression per player.

Para algunos que recuerdan la gloria conocida como NBA Jam ha sido anunciado que el juego de EA se va a dar a conocer. Con divertidas características como las expresiónes faciales de hasta 5 diferentes para cada jugador.
Aun no se dan a conocer mas detalles pero si saben algo dejen su comentario!

Be a part of the next BIT.TRIP game!

Yet another game from Gaijin Games to make their BIT.TRIP universe just a bit bigger and even yet more arty. The latest game in the series is called BIT.TRIP RUNNER and this is how it is supposed to continue and even develop the arty part. Over at Gaijin Games blog you can read that they currently have a pretty interesting competition. In which you, yes you, are prompted to supply them with art.

So if you are into video games, you do have some kind of artist incurring but no real good way to get your stuff out there, this is pretty much your big shot!

Now it would not hurt if your kind of style went a long with the BIT.TRIP series since that is specifically what they ask for, good to keep in mind. But head over to the blog and you will find all the necessary information.

Some random BIT.TRIP screens to set the mood.


Gaijin Games


La saga de QUAKE ARENAS da para más de un post.

Este capitulo es especial, cuando menos para mi, su trabajo sobre DOOM es EXCELENTE.

Lo he ligado con el capitulo Quake 3 Arenas Episode 1 - Doom's Deathmatch Birth

Enjoy ^.^

visto en :Universedoom

New colorful Shoot 'em up announced

Definition of the word Eclosion: The emergence of an adult insect from its pupal case, or the hatching of an insect larva from an egg. From the French eclosion, from eclore, to open.

It is also the title of the game of which I speak. If the game will have anything in common with the definition we are yet to see. Other then flashy graphics with many colors you can choice from playing single player or single player with a co-op touch. Which is a kind of an odd thing one might think. And nothing more is really explained about this weird feature.

But await many levels, upgradeable weapons/ships and a mix of modern tones and retro stuff coming straight out of the C64 for example.

Aun no estoy seguro si sera para Wii o sera para la tienda en linea del Wiiware, si alguien sabe favor de pasar el dato.

Glory of Heracles bundled with a paper model

Continuing the Glory of Heracles news with such an awesome surprise that I dare you dear reader, if you are not already sitting down, to please be seated before reading any more.
Done?, Let us go then!
Watch out as Nintendo and Paon teams up for a massive storm on anybody buying Glory of Heracles, as the game comes bundled up with a Trojan Horse. Though there is really no need to worry about being slaughtered or anything else harmful, inside you will just find a letter from the immortal Greek demigod himself. Apparently asking for help to get his lost memories back. And one would not want to turn down Heracles, now would one?


La joya de la corona....cortesía de Nexi.

Este vid vale lo que no se imaginan, no hagan caso del anciano que habla la mayor parte del tiempo, lo realmente especial, es lo que está entre lineas jojojojojojojojojo.


Gracia a NEX por el aporte ^.^

Relación costo-peso-llantas-velocidad-agarre en Mario Kart wii.

Es complejo, de por sí el mario kart es todo menos un juego facilón, las carreras que hemos jugado en la colectiva y el post en level con 2801 respuestas y 45852 lecturas (al 15 de enero del 2010) no me dejaran mentir.

El kart es un juego tremendamente pasional, dificil y sadomasoquista, oh si, juego sadomaso, pero es la neta.

Por definición el kart es sadomaso, y cualquiera que lo haya jugado lo sabe, sufrimiento, coraje, pasión y demás perversiones a su grado maximo.

La elección del personaje a usar y las caracteristicas del vehiculo a conducir son VITALES Y CRUCIALES.

Más peso en el personaje?, menos peso en el vehiculo?, moto?, kart, mii? automatico? manual?, wii whell, control del cubo?, clasico?, nunchuku?

Cual personaje es el adecuado con cual vehiculo?

Las puestas apunto en el automovilismo son cruciales, bueno, sin exagerar, en el kart es lo mismo, preparar un vehiculo y un conductor NO es cosa sencilla, una vez hecho esto se esperaría una performance realidad del…

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition website and trailer

The fear continues to live on with a frightening new trailer for the downloadable episodes of Resident Evil 5, Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape that is available for download along with new box art for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. Also launching today is a new website for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition and downloadable episodes complete with a calendar of release dates, screenshots of characters in their new costumes, and more.  

Please check it out here:

For all your assets needs, head on over to
You can also check out the new video here


The Capcom PR Team

Para los hispanohablantes abajo hay una barra con un boton para traducir automaticamente cualquier publicacion en ingles o cualquier idioma. 

New Zelda Wii Coming out When its Perfect !

Nintendo boss-man Regie Fils-Aime has once again gone on the record regarding the release of the next Legend of Zelda game on the Wii. In a Deku nutshell, the game is coming out when its damn good and ready…no, check that…when it’s PERFECT!
“Right now it’s still in development but the key message that Mr. Aonuma and Mr. Miyamoto are telling us is that it really has to be perfect when it launches. That is what the fans are expecting,” Reggie stated to Nintendo World. “So for all the Zelda fans out there right now, I’d say enjoy Spirit Tracks and know that the Zelda title for Wii is going to come out when it’s perfect.” Hmmm…sounds like Nintendo’s been hanging around those dudes from Blizzard. We’ll keep you posted on any new information regarding the next installment of The Legend of Zelda as it emerges, but uh, don’t hold your breath… Source

Netflix coming to a Wii near you this Spring

Finally, after literally more rumors that we can count, the functionality is now official; the Wii will be able to stream content from "Netflix" beginning this Spring. While little is known about the actual deal right now, The New York Times reports that the official announcement is supposed to come later today from both companies. What is known so far is that, just like the PS3's functionality, an "instant streaming disc" will be required in order to access the streaming service.

Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime once called the addition of Netflix functionality "a continuation of an effort to bring more and more entertainment to consumers who interact with the Wii". Keep your eyes on this page as we'll continue updating it once the official press release hits the internet, and if there are any new features to mention.

Update: Netflix's Wii disc sign-up page (remember, you need the disc to access the movie streaming service) is now live. …

Llueven balas.

Si hay un género dominante en la actual generación de consolas es el de los Shooters. Por todos lados se ven "nuevos" y "mejores" juegos de disparos, sea en primera o tercer persona nunca faltan estos juegos, pero, se olvidan del Hermano Mayor de los FPS/TPS, me refiero a los 2D Shooters o Shoot´em up.

La dinámica es simple: esquiva las balas y dispara a todo lo que se mueva. Aunque parezca mentira, estos juegos son realmente difíciles, incluso más que los amados CoD. En ocasiones, la pantalla se llena de balas, conduciéndote a una muerte irremediable. Los enemigos siguen patrones muy simples, si tienes buena memoria podrás esquivarlos con facilidad, caso contrario de los jefes y subjefes, que normalmente suelen ser azarosos y complejos a la hora de atacar.

A recientes fechas me eh encontrado jugando Contra y Metal Slug, 2 grandes exponentes del género. La verdad es que eh disfrutado enormemente el tiempo con estos juegos. Pocas cosas son tan gratificantes como sal…

Cronica, pics y vids reunión 3 enero 2010 en casa e moko!

La cita era a las 10:40 del domingo 3 de Enero, el moko nos iba a recoger en el metro a las 11.00 a.m, 20 minutos para que la banda llegara sin contratiempos, 20 min y ellos habían llegado bien....

yo?, yo ni madres! el metro me jugó una de sus clasicas pasadas, de hecho Kratos me había marcado al cel a las 10:10 a.m. de ese dia

-wey ya estoy aquí
me dijo

y yo le dije

-aquí? donde es aquí?

y el me dijo
-aquí, en el metro pero no encuentro el reloj

lol, le dije yo

el reloj está DENTRO del metro, ahí te veo en 30 ajá!

llegué a la cita 11:15 con el moko y el esmaug al borde del infarto porque el anciano no aparecia.

Pero aparecí, tarde pero sin sueño, abrazos de rigor y saludos en chinga nos encaminamos a la casa del mokin que está por si usted no lo sabe enfrente de las visitas conyugales del reclusorio femenil del sur, ohhh si el moko es un experto voyeurista!

En el camino (para llegar a la casa del moko tomamos, metro, pesero y taxi!, no, no exagero preguntenle a la banda y …

Lo que viene para el DSi y WiiWare Lineup for 2010

First quarter looking strong for download services.

Nintendo recently released their list of early 2010 North American releases for their Wii and DS systems recently. An impressive lineup of games for you all to look forward to!


Akaoni Studio S.L.
Zoombie Panic in Wonderland - Q1

Broken Rules
And Yet It Moves - Q1

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - January
Mega Man 10 - March

Ghostfire Games
Rage of the Gladiator - Q1

Hudson Entertainment
Military Madness: Nectaris - Q1

Nabi Studios
Toribash - Q1

WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase - Q1

Press Play ApS
Max & the Magic Marker - Q1

Team Meat
Super Meat Boy - Q1


Downtown Texas Hold'em Poker - Q1
Surviving High School - Q1

Legends of Exidia - Q1
Let's Golf - Q1
Real Soccer 2010 - Q1
Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. - Q1

Trajectile - Jan. 4th
Number Battle - Jan. 25th
Starship Defense - Jan. 18th
Touch Solitaire - Jan. 11th
X-Scape - February
Link 'n' Launch - February

Subatomic Studios
Fieldrunners - Q…