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New Lost Winds Sequel to be announced

La secuela de el popular titulo de WiiWare esta por salir.
El nombre completo del titulo sera: Lost Winds: Winter of the melodias (Invierno de las melodias). La historia continuaria despues del final del primer juego. La madre de Tokus se ha perdido y eso es en si la trama.
Aun cuando el kiego todavia cubre el control del viento, nuevos aditamentos se han incorporado. Por ejemplo el de cambiar las estaciones sera unica!. Aparte de eso tambien podras crear un Ciclon con tu Wiimote!
Desafortunadamente no tenemos mas informacion o algunas imagenes del juego en si pero en cuanto las encuentre por ahi aqui estaremos publicandolas.
A mi me encanto la primera parte asi que espero con ansias mas de este juego!
Saludos gente!

Sequel to the popular launch WiiWare title is finally on its way.

Full title of the new game is: LostWinds: Winter Of The Melodias. It will take place just after the first game ended. Toku's mother is MIA and that's pretty much the plot.

While the gameplay still…

Nintendo Power por Revelar Star Fox Wii

Aquellos que crecieron con este juego deben estar emocionado al saber esto, si el sitio Turco Nintendocu dice la verdad, entonces sabremos que Nintendo Power esta por revelar el juego nuevo de Star Fox Wii en su siguiente edicion.
El juego se llamaria Star Fox Wii: Battle for Corneria. Los unicos detalles en cuanto al rumor serian hasta ahora que el juego temdria soporte con el Wii Motion Plus, y un modo de "Batalla Espacial en Linea" compatible con el Wii Speak.

Those who grew up with Star Fox will be glad to hear this one. If the Turkish gaming news site Nintendocu is to be believed, then Nintendo Power will be revealing a Star Fox game for the Wii on their next issue.

The New Star Fox game will be called Star Fox Wii: Battle for Corneria. About the only details in the rumor thus far is that the game will have Wii MotionPlus support and an "Online Space Battle Mode" with Wii Speak support capabilities.

That's about…

Muramasa : The Demon Blade

Video Games | Muramasa: The Demon Blade | Walkthrough Part I XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii
Click on the video for more trailers of this game...

Trackmania for Wii

Firebrand Games (Trackmania DS, Race Driver) takes the Trackmania brand into the world of Wii. Not much more then the announcement and this quote has yet been heard though.

Mark Greenshields, Firebrand CEO Wrote:
“Firebrand has always strived to develop racing engines that make the current generation of machines do things that no-one thought possible 18 months ago. Gamescom is Europe’s highest profile gathering of industry execs, and we want to take this opportunity to demonstrate to a global audience that Firebrand are still at the cutting edge of race game technology and design, and that we are ready for the challenges of 2010 and beyond. We altered people’s perception of just what the DS could do with Race Driver, GRID and TrackMania DS, and TrackMania Wii is no less jaw dropping. If you're a publisher looking to tap into the lucrative racing genre then we can help give you a competitive advantage over your peers.”

They will be showing more of the game at gamescom (19th – 23rd …

LA-MULANa Website Open! Wiiware Game

The independent developer Nicalis and Nigoro just opened the site for the upcoming WiiWare title LA-MULANA. In which you'll find screenshot, videos and ofcourse a blog about the game.

You play as the archeologist, Dr. Lemeza Kosugi, exploring the ruins of LA-MULANA. As the adventure goes on you'll stumble across the origin of man as well as life it self. But enough about that, check out the video to get some info about the gameplay.

Haven't heard of Nicalis? Then you should in this very moment check out his site and find play those games.

here you can download the original pc version of LA-MULANA

Este juego saldra para Wiiware pero si no puedes esperar a jugarlo entonces descarga aqui la version de PC!

Rage of the Gladiator for Wiiware

Ghostfire Games, developers of Helix, decide to make yet another game for the WiiWare market!

As the title indicates, you take the roll of a Gladiator. Armed with just a hammer and a shield, you will have to take on bosses in the perspective of man (FPS that is).

The game only contains boss fights, since that is the most fun part says Ed Roman, CEO of Ghostfire Games. So expect some classic boss fighting, studying movements, spotting the weakness and more!

The game isn't set for release just yet. For more information check out

But for now, check out the trailer for the game!

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare coming to Wii November 2009

10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Asi es, lo acabo de ver en Gamespot hace 2 dias y me sorprendio muchisimo, la verdad yo me quede muy satisfecho con el Juego de World at War para Wii que en realidad pienso es SUPERIOR a The Conduit al cual le dieron mucho Hype (no tanto como a Halo) y que en realidad llego a ser solo un juego para rentar. Espero que Modern Warfare tenga el mismo estilo de juego que World At War porque los controles del Wii estan hechos para juegos de FPS, claro esta es la opinion de un servidor, ustedes que piensan??

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story New Trailer

Nintendo released a new trailer for the upcoming "Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story", the direct sequel to Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The trailer shows off more of what was described from E3, with Mario & Luigi working with Bowser from the inside to solve problems in the outside world. Expect to find the game on store shelves sometime "this fall".

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