WiiPower's Neo Gamma Backup Loader

Update February 2013

Change log (vR9 Beta56):

R9 beta 55 -  R9 beta 56

- Fixed error when loading DML with a wii disc
- Writing the NTSC/PAL video mode to SRAM, seems to fix the PAL DML video mode problem
Update December 1 2010

alternate Neogamma Download here

If you want the Neogamma Channel Jump Here

Update August 01 2010

Download the Latest Neogamma, jump here

Update May 5 2010
Channels :


Neogamma R8 Autoboot - autoboot by xflakhttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=A0HIORZE





Preview:http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f88/icpm..._13-02-2010.png and http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f88/icpm..._18-11-2009.png














Latest version: Neogamma Backup Loader R8 RC3 click here to download the .wad file

Click here
for the latest Neogamma Backup Loader R8 Beta15

R7 - and R8
- new Wiird / Ocarina engine
- Changed rebooter code
- Rebooter should work on preloader
- Skip disc updates for PAL/US 3.2, 4.0 and 4.1 on rebooter
- Changed entrypoint to 0x80dfff00 (should change alternative .dol loading compatibility)
- Safe memory allocation (important for files loaded from nand)
- Removed not game loading or rebooter related code
- Removed receiving commands from usb gecko
- Changed to graphics from Empyr69er
- Patching New Super Mario Bros on the fly, works for usb and for hardmods for disc, credits for this go to hqyhqyhqy

Neo Gamma R7 wad channel for anyone who wants it  click HERE

You must have HBC installed

Also Wad Manager
Paste this to SD:\wad\
Run Wad Manager from HBC
Read Instruction and Install and Press Home to reboot....

Autoboot R7 Channel can be found here 

Update July 29 2009

Here is what i found posted on July 26 2009 by Wiipower

Puplic beta test for R7:


- Increased timeout to 30 seconds

- Cleaned up code for decrypted discs

- Hopefully 100% working gamecube disc detection now

- Cleaned up code for video modes, gamecube games are started with the selected video mode now

- Changed rebooter behaviour, hopefully works for all system menus WITHOUT preloader attached

- Removed 001 main.dol patching for alternative .dols

- Removed Anti 002 fix

- Removed dirty fix for Wii Sports Resort

- Added alternative .dol loading from usb storage

- Alternative .dol loading from storage now loads .dols with 6 and 4 characters

- Fixed error that prevented to load games after receiving an error in a previous loading attempt

Known bugs:

- From R7 on some stuff only works with cIOS rev7 or 14+, like alternative .dol loading

- does not load from usb with the cIOSrev12(maybe rev11 is not working either), but that's a bug in the cIOS

- with cIOSrev12 some games return 001 error, also a bug in the cIOS(maybe rev8 and rev11 too)

- the rebooter is not compatible with preloader

- the rebooter only works for cIOS up to rev7 and in rev14+

I just finshied some work on my Gamma mod. Here's the list of changes to WiiGator's release(copy from the readme.nfo):

- ported to the new libogc

- commented music code because of compling errors

- added support for usb loading with IOS222(but no iso selection)

- Fkae IOS Version in memory (this removes the 002 error)

- Load Ocarina from SD/SDHC or USB(selectable)

- Warning before memory card in slot 2 is accessed as usb gecko

- Auto Force Language option added, it forces english for games with region 'E'(NTSC-U) and japanese for games with region 'J'

- Moved memory stuff before the apploader. Now Red Steel and SSX should be working. (If IOS Version patched to IOS249 or cioscorp is installed)

- Writes the Game ID Address(0x80000000) now into the memory at 0x80003184. Now Sam and Max and FarCry should be working. (If IOS Version patched to IOS249 or cioscorp is installed)

Update:Latest version R6 Download and click HERE:






Official Channel:

(only for R3 for now)

For details and changelog see readme
Official wishlist(not all mine):

- Implement IOS Reload Block function as soon as the cIOS is able to do that

- Rip games from DVD to WBFS

- Add option to select which IOS to use

- add covers(never)

- Argument parsing for settings, which disc to mount, etc.

- read game names from a database to get rid of NULL saying titles like "caduceus Z" for Trauma Center Second Opinion

- force 480P on ALL gamecube games
I will add more if posted here
Known bugs:

- does not load from usb with the cIOSrev12, but that's a bug in the cIOS

- with cIOSrev12 some games return 001 error, also a bug in the cIOS

- the rebooter only works on very few system menu versions (maybe only 3.2)

- the rebooter is not compatible with preloader

- the rebooter is broken in new cIOS(rev10+?)

- video stuff is mostly ignored when playing gamecube games

by WiiPower: Jul 1 2009, 12:10 PM

Download R6 here click me


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