Configurable USB Loader 1.5 and Forwarder Channel Download and Tutorial

This is the SD/USB Loader + config mod v20.

It is based on Wanikoko/Kwiirk SD/USB Loader 1.5 + improvements and fixes.

This version of the loader allows you to customize numerous options to better suit your preferences.

It also supports renaming the game titles through a simple config file, for those that do not want to rename the iso/wbfs images on disk. To use renaming, edit sd:/usb-loader/titles.txt and write ID=Title mappings like this:

RFNP = Wii Fit

I also Included a forwarder channel.

To install channel, open Homebrew Channel and run 1.WAD Manager.

Locate HDD Forwarder.wad and install it.

(the "+" key next to home key installs wads).

The forwarder channel will run whatever boot.dol you have in apps\usbloader\

I also included the entire list of game title ID's in the read me.


This tutorial will allow you to create partitions on any USB Stick storage or External Hard Drive.
It allows you to create Multiple Partitions on USB Stick Storage, External Hard Drive, Pen Drive And hack Windows to recognize all the USB partition as LOCAL DISK.

Now you can make WBFS Partition for Wii USB Loader, and other FAT36 or NTFS,

and access the two partitions from Windows so can copy your Wii Games from Windows too!

Download all software and the tutorial here:

Q and A


Is this just for general partitioning, or does making it appear as "Local Disk" create any advantages?

I use Partition Magic to do all my partitioning. Is this just the same method?

And one last question, whats the difference between a Primary Partition and a Logical Partition, and does this make a difference when formatting to WBFS?


As the title : recognize all the USB partition as LOCAL DISK.

does making it appear as "Local Disk" ? YES!

You can use Partition Magic !

You must make them all as Primary !

Rebuttal from Q:

ah, that might be my problem then as to why my WBFS partition which is labelled as Logical, lets me add ISO's on my PC, but wont show up on the Wii and vice versa.

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