Newest Wii Scrubber Download!

Newest Wii Scrubber Download!Updated Dec 17 2010

Yep this is the latest one:




Brought to you by
Real Final
Windows release as I'm bored of developing it and the name doesn't

really represent what it actually does any more.

To download please read this first:

Whats new?
1. Extra options on right click menu related to partition operations
(you can now delete them and resize the data area)

2. Increased speed of file replacement by blocking it (and progress bar)

3. Extra couple of links in the about box

4. Window is now resizable (within limits)

5. Some of the text on buttons changed

6. More accurate indication of size as headers are now included in calculation

and dynamically considered when header button pressed

7. Extra option on right click for WIIDISC as it allows for changing between

system boot and normal boot

8. Common key check possible to over-ride in case Korean key becomes available

9. Can now replace the partition.bin file

10. Can add data partitions/channels

11. Can 'shuffle' up the partitions to the start of the disc for where some have

been deleted - doesn't use Trucha bug.

12. Can Shrink the partition by moving the data up in the partition (meaning all

the free space then appears at the end - Uses Trucha Bug.

13. Can save a decoded partition

14. Can load/replace a decoded partition

15. Can import a new disc partition.

16. Can resize a partition.

*17 Can cater for discs that have non-standard disc IDs by using the 'force wii' check

box e.g. iso_template.iso.bz2

*18 Can extract/replace the sub parts of partition.bin i.e. tmd.bin, cert.bin and h3.bin

*19 Added two useful links in the about box ;)

That enough?

Companion software:

1. Makewiikeybin. exe - makes a key.bin file for you. Does not contain the actual key but generates it from

a simple algorithm. - Decided to remove this from the pack due to some twittering. See 19 for possible

solution - I also recommend hexd.exe

2. PartitionBuilder - allows you to generate a partition file that can be loaded via wiiscrubber. This

means you can now generate an entire partition from a directory of files. So rather than changing one at

a time you can extract an entire partition, change whatever files you want and then rebuild.

Bug Fixes:
1. Right click tracking bug in the disc display fixed "you had to left click an item before clicking the right button otherwise you got a different file selected - thanks

2. Code tidy up by removing unused legacy functions from when the wiifuse stuff was

originally utilised

3. Bug in the wiifuse code related to channels having a hardcoded value - info passed

back to wiifuse author

4. Bug in file replacement where I check for available sectors (it had a problem if you

only required 1)

5. Partition.bin can now be replaced. This includes the h3 data, the tickets etc. and is the

first 0x20000 bytes of the partition.

6. All sorts of odd bugs fixed and tweaked for speed.

7. Bug fix when updating the fst.bin file - the size was not correctly updated in the boot.bin

(You must update to the nearest 4 bytes boundary and also write out divided by 4). Highlighted

by the VC group over on
Thanks to:

1. Waninkoko for releasing the source of the WiiFrii code as it originally allowed
me to implement the Trucha bits.
2. Stormyuan for lots of unintentional bug testing :)
3. Everyone else involved in testing at different stages.
4. Eric Young for the SHA code from openssl

It allows you to:

1. open up the WII iso's and extract/replace individual files from them

2. Change the iso so that unused areas are overwritten with 0xFF/0s. This

has the effect of then making the ISO compressable :)

As always, or any poster here is not responsible if your Wii explodes or a Third world war starts... use at your own risk!

Download for Wii Scrubber Here

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