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Tomb Raider Underworld Tiger Trailer

There's more out there than just bad guys with guns.

The Conduit Controls and GC08 trailer for Wii

Controls: Adjust bounding boxes and sensitivity however you prefer.

After winning multiple awards at E3, The Conduit is set to take on Germany.

Now for some Action:

Tenchu 4 story video (japanese) Wii

Witness the drama surrounding the lives of these skilled assassins.
hmm there is drama but i still dont get it...

Pirates, ninjas, zombies & robots clashing on Wii

Yep its true

Pirates, ninjas clashing on Wii
Aug 28, 2008 5:11 pm PT
With XBLA edition out next week, Blazing Lizard's dodgeball grudge match spreads to Nintendo's console this winter.

Next week, the Internet may at long last gain some resolution in the burning conflict between pirates and ninjas. After weathering a series of delays since Gamecock first revealed Blazing Lizard's Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball last year, the Xbox Live Arcade party game will be available through Microsoft's downloadable service beginning on September 3.

To ride the coattails of that game's release, Gamecock said today that the pirates-versus-ninjas schoolyard brawl will spread to the Wii this winter. Gamecock notes that, rather than a mere port of the Xbox 360 game, the Wii version will include an all-new story and challenge modes, as well as several custom control schemes.

Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball is the first game from Blazing Lizard, which was formed in 2007 by veterans of such gam…

Star wars the force unleashed, felucia level for wii

Exclusive Felucia Level Debut Gameplay
Does this new planet's hostile grounds present a challenge for the apprentice?

Helix for Wii is here


Excite Bike for Virtual Console Wii

Here is a great video...
Music brings back memories!

Speed Force Wireless Real Wheel for Wii by Logitech

I nearly passed this one over because I was convinced I'd seen it before and as it turns out I nearly have. Logitech has released the Speed Force Wireless Wheel for Nintendo Wii - a racing wheel to you and I - which you'll be able to get your mitts on come November this year for the reasonable price of £59.99. US 99.99 according to Logitech website...

I say reasonable as it's not that cheap as gaming peripherals go but it does have built-in analogue accelerator and brake, 200 degree rotation and, most impressively, it uses a 2.4GHz wireless signal that'll allow you to game 30ft away from your Wii. So, as long as you've got bionic implants or a set of Wii Binoculars, you'll be fine. (There are no Wii Binoculars.)

The useful part of your hard earned cash goes into the feedback system and the whole device is designed specifically to work with the new Need for Speed Undercover game. Alternatively, you could just buy yourself some insurance, get in your car, experie…

New Sonic Unleashed Screens for Wii

Here are some new sonic Unleashed for the Wii Images...

Latest Mad World Trailer

This one looks better than the previous one, and the music is also real nice...

Overlord Dark Legend for the Wii

Currently in development at UK-based Climax Studios, Overlord Dark Legend is anything but the inferior port of Overlord that you might have been expecting. Rather, it's a prequel to the original game that will cast you as the titular tyrant in his younger days while introducing a number of new gameplay mechanics to the proceedings.

At first glance, Overlord Dark Legend looks a lot like its predecessor, which is an accomplishment in itself given the Wii hardware's relative lack of horsepower. As we were shown through a level entitled Wilderness, though, it became clear that the game's environments feature more open spaces that are well suited to the Wii-specific control scheme.

You'll play Overlord Dark Legend using both a Wii Remote and a Nunchuk. The latter is used to control the overlord, while the former directs the horde of minions under his command. Pointing the Wii Remote at the screen, you'll move a cursor that, because it casts a brightly colored shadow on…

New House of the Dead OVERKILL for the Wii

I think its a Wii exclusive, it shows better graphics and of course lots of zombies and monsters!!
checkout this crazy commercial video:

and of course some pics:

Megaman 9 Bosses unveiled!!

Hi Mega Man fans,

We're hitting you up to let you know we've posted art and screen assets for three of the Mega Man 9 bosses on our press site: Please visit our site and check out the Blue Bombers new nemesis!

Meet the Bosses and their Weapons!
Concrete Man:
Created to construct a dam, Concrete man can actually design a dam and supervise its entire construction. He has stubborn a stubborn personality and will tell off any lazy robots.

Weapon: Concrete Shot
Concrete shot creates a temporary foothold as soon as it touches the ground. It can also be used to stop enemies in their tracks.
Tornado Man:
Works for the Weather Manipulation Office to help control and stop the formation of large storms all over the world.

Weapon: Tornado Blow
Tornado Blow launches a huge tornado that covers the entire game area. Heavy enemies will take damage, but lighter ones will be blown entirely off-screen.

Magma Man:
Magma Man serves as the safety control robot at a large geothermal power …