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Nintendo Working on their new Hardware (Console)

Those who already have lived through several generations of consoles, although we know that we are living in a fierce battle, companies are already working on the hardware that will be presented in the future.

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's president, said that his company is always working on the following hardware and that at the moment their greatest pressure is to impress once again. This generation is characterized by doing something different from what they did others and of course, customers expect to be surprised once again.

There have been no additional details, but we will surely wait a good time before we can know more about this future system.
That is how Nintendo has always been...

Tetris Party will use the Wii Balance Board

Companies still think how to squeeze the juice out of the Wii with the Balance Board and im sure that you have thousands of ideas for doing it, but what few think it is normal to use it in Tetris.

That's right, Hudson Soft has announced that the game Tetris Party will use the Wii Balance Board, which you may acquire through the Wii Ware. The have announced 18 game modes and that you will use the Wii Mote in order to play this classic puzzle.

But what truly is a novelty is that we can play with the aforementioned accessory, but so far they have not released details as how will be used in the game, but i think for sure that you have to move from side to side and accommodate the pieces in their places.

GTA: Chinatown Wars website open today

During the past E3 2008, people felt that the most hardcore games shown by Nintendo in his conference were Animal Crossing and GTA: Chinatown Wars, which marks the arrival of this famous series to the DS.

The game is developed by Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds, who for the occasion is working on an own DS engine for this game, which will retain the gameplay that has characterized the series. Today they opened the website of the game, which shows that we will play it by winter, also they leave us to see that there will be some kind of use of Wi-Fi.

If you want to visit the website of the game, just click here

First Custom Firmware and Downgrader Comes to the Wii

It was bound to happen. A Wii modder that goes by the name Waninkoko has released the first custom firmware for the Wii that allows you to play from rewritable disks. The installer works rather easily, you put the file onto your SD card and load it into your Wii. Definitely not something I would suggest you do. Many people have bricked their PSP's doing the exact same thing. That leads to the next question on how Nintendo will deal with the custom firmware. Chances are they will take the same steps sony has in what can be described as a cat and mouse game between them and modders.

News/release from Waninkoko




- This is a Custom IOS, an IOS modified to add some new features
not available in the official IOS.

This IOS has been made to be us…

Request street Fighter IV on the Wii

One of the most anticipated games from Capcom is Street Fighter IV, who already made its appearance in the Arcades and now is scheduled to go on sale on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Yoshinori Ono, producer of the game, commented that there is a high potential to make a conversion for the Wii. This is because they are aware of the popularity of the Wii and ensure that there are many people asking that the game console comes to that.

On the matter, has responded that if they receive many more requests, surely begin to think about it. This sounds like something already sure, because if they did not have anything firm and a real intention they would not have made such comments, but it will be better to wait for an official statement and not begin to celebrate.

Anyways, sign your petition here if you would like to get Street fighter 4 on your Nintendo Wii
Good Day!

The Conduit for Wii Videos

As i have already showed you the first video for this game now i give you 3 more from these actually look even better and they explain a little more of what this game has to offer, actually this game was ranked Number one on E3 as best Wii Game...

Online Multiplayer is another option for the Conduit on the Wii, as said in this interview...

Castlevania Judgement Video

When it's time for Judgment, you'll be glad you watched this video. Featuring Alucard and poisonous zombies!
This video is from the Comic - Con

And this one is from E3:

I like this one better:

SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 for the Wii


Fatal Frame 4 the Wii


Dead Rising for the Wii

Going into this year's E3 Media & Business Summit, many of Capcom's faithful were hoping for news on the long-speculated sequel to the 2006 Xbox 360 zombie razer Dead Rising. Instead, however, Capcom chose to devote its entire E3 press conference to the upcoming silver-screen adaptation of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, which will be penned by David Hayter (of Solid Snake voice-acting fame) and produced by former Marvel Entertainment chief creative officer Avi Arad.

With Dead Rising 2 thus far a no-show, it now appears as if E3 2008 won't be completely devoid of domestic zombie genocide. The latest issue of Japanese gaming staple Famitsu reports that the original Dead Rising is headed to Nintendo's console this winter. As scanned by Wii@Everyday and translated by GameSpot, the game appears as if it will be much the same as the Xbox 360 hit, though it will incorporate gesture-based combat, thanks to the Wii Remote's motion-sensing capabilities.

[UPDATE] Speaking …

Dragon Ball for the Nintendo DS


Castlevania Order of Ecclessia and Judgement Video

Thanks to SWAG we have this preview of Castlevania games for the DS and Wii

Extended E3 Nintendo Interview from Game Trailers


Sonic and the Black Knight for the Wii

During the last issue of Nintendo Power magazine, they left all readers speculating about what would be the surprise of the next edition, being the only track they left was an image of a sword.

Many took for granted that it would be the announcement of a new Zelda, Golden Sun or one of these, but I believe that very few imagined that it would be an incarnation over the mascot of Sega, this time starring a game for Wii name Sonic The Black & Knight.

From what is known so far of the game is being planned by the famous Sonic Team, which again makes this character to dominate a literary, taking inspiration on this occasion as the adventures of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table . That is why Sonic carries this sword, the game will exclusively for the Wii in the spring of 2009.
I just hope it doesnt suck as the first sonic game for the Wii.
Good day!

The Worst Gaming Console Era?

Well, everyone has its opinions, for me the 360 is the worst console that exists in the market, and the Japanese support my opinion, for the other consoles the Wii is perhaps the one with the oldest tech (in Graphics) that exists but that it entertains you it entertains you, also has Great games which you loved as child and sometimes they give you melancholy by just looking at them (for those who lived through the era of NES or SNES) and its not just a console with games to kill aliens in HD, the PS3 is doing better on that side but its game roster leaves much to be desired, I think we are in an era of bad games and that in the next one there will be much better games and it will be having a very clear winner unlike today ...

Right now by Sales Nintendo wins, then Microsoft and Sony, but Microsoft may at the end of this era tie with Nintendo and Sony is left in last place in selling games, but very close to the other two because of its Blu Ray that is the one who will provide enterta…

E3 2008: Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers First Look

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers. The title really does say it all. In the game, you play as a bikini-clad woman and kill zombies. See, it's not just a clever name.

Women. Bikinis. Zombies. Blood. Gore. what else could you ask for?

Like the cult hit Earth Defense Force 2017, Onechanbara was originally released a few years ago on the Xbox 360 in Japan as part of publisher D3's "simple series." According to the developer, the version that's slated to come to the Wii isn't exactly the same, but we weren't able to spot a whole lot of differences between the Wii and 360 incarnations in our brief time with the Wii game.

Her clothes are nice and clean now, but they'll be covered in blood soon.
The game's not yet translated to English, but the introductory cutscene makes the situation pretty clear. Two sisters, Aya and Saki, are in their apartment. One is watching television and the other is very naked, taking a very steamy shower. She must be really into h…

Megaman 9 Hands on Video

Thanks to SWAGSHOW!
Here is the video:

Get more pictures here, just click this text

E3 is for Casual Gamers only?

There was much excitement at the conference that gave Nintendo, leaving clearly behind games like Mario or Zelda and focusing on proposals for casual players only.

But in an interview given by Shigeru Miyamoto, it has become clear that the vision we had of E3 has changed: "For a long time, the E3 was the event where they have focused especially on the traditional player. Now we aspire to more… It is an opportunity for us to introduce new concepts and new types of game we want to lead to a wider audience, precisely because the media is concerned about E3 now. "

It makes clear that they will continue working on hardcore games, but that is no longer over the E3 event in which the show, since it is an opportunity to introduce other products.

Ubisoft would like to see some changes on E3
Now that E3 has passed, the conclusions are already beginning to appear, reached by the companies after this year's experience.

One of the first that has spoken is Ubisoft, who in the voice …

Miyamoto working on a New Pikmin and new Zelda Wii games

After the conference Nintendo, players placed their hopes in seeing another strong title when they learned that there would be a press conference closed, based on a previous occasion in which it was introduced as the new Smash.

Although no official announcement gave the Pikmin 3, Miyamoto made it clear that they are already working on a new game in this series, as well as another in the series of Zelda. On the much-rumored Kid Icarus, said he was not the producer of the game, so that he could not say anything about it, but that kind of response seems to say that someone in the company if they are doing.

Perhaps not what many expected, but clarified that if they are not working on a Wave Race for the Wii at the moment, so fans of personal watercraft are not lucky.

E3 2008 Nintendo Press Conference

Wii Motion Plus on E3
Actually used on the Wii Sports Resort and it worked pretty good, i cant wait to try this one with the Star Wars Clone Wars game!

We'd like to introduce one new thing that uses the controller and is sure to create a lot of smiles. New smiles, in fact. (Smoke, bright lights, mysterious music) Stage is darkened as lights strobe. Virtual drumming going on There's a faux-hawked dude playing drums, using balance board and Remote / nunchuck to simulate drumming, using bare feet on balance booard (looks like air dumming). This cat looks like a pro, but the drumming itself sounds a bit of a mess to us.

Wii Music:

Wii Sports Resort that was acually played with the new Wii Motion Plus, they also played a Sword Duel game that was kind of like Wii Boxing but with wooden swords, that weird looking lady and Regie played each other ending on a draw, the looser gets thrown off to the water

Grand Theft Auto ChinaTown Wars for DS

Yes, it just has been announced on the Nintendo E3 Press Conference that the GTA World will be coming to the Nintendo DS

New Animal Crossing and WiiSpeak

Katsuya Eguchi programmer of Animal Crossing games said:
We seek fresh surprises, and I hope you will enjoy the ones we have for you today. The first one fits with a larger social trend of consumers acting as creators. We believe Nintendo can add something to engage players in new ways. Please consider this key Holiday release. Katsuya Eguchi is talking on the screen about Animal Crossing. Talking about how he came up with the idea. I wanted people to feel like they were playing together, even if at different times.
Animal Crossing City Folk coming to wii in 2008. The town is where you live and do the things you like. There are no required goals, and people are free to do things their own way. Graphics look a lot like GC version. The town is where you live and do the things you like. There are no required goals, and people are free to do things their own way. People feel like things are hapening in real time. You could really feel like you are visiting a realistic world with a 24-hour c…

Castlevania Judgement for the Wii

New pictures
looking good!
Castlevania Judgment is the first Castlevania title in the fighting game genre.Genre:2D Fighting
Release Date: Q4 2008