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Horses Video Games Win the Race in Japan Sales

TOKYO -- The numbers are in for this week's Media Create sales ranking in Japan, and a slew of releases has left its mark on the charts. In a week that saw a new Tales game for the Wii and even perennial favorite Gundam with a new entry, no title could withstand Japan's love for horse racing. Anyone who has spent even just a few months in Japan will realize that the love for the equestrian sport is massive. Get on a train and you'll quickly spot many a salaryman reading specialized horse racing papers, and it's hard to ignore the increasing popularity of horse racing-themed games in arcades. All this has translated into 148,000 copies sold of Derby Stallion DS, making it this week's new No. 1.Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World had respectable first-week sales of 137,000, earning it a No. 2 rank. In at No. 3 is DJ music game Daigasso! Band Brothers DX for the DS, which managed to move 120,000 units.If the recent top 10 showing of an Evangelion DS pachislot ga…

Nintendo Power Revela Mega Man 9 para WiiWare

Cuando los análisis se publicaron en el Capcom * Unity, director corporativo y Vicepresidente de Planificación Estratégica de Negocios para el Desarrollo Christian Svensson declaré
" También voy a decir , NP tiene solamente parte de la historia . Más que aprender más tarde."
Historia Original :

Los sueños se hacen realidad . El nuevo número de Nintendo Power está golpeando buzones , y en el interior es la primicia de lo que hemos estado esperando: Sólido, prueba concreta de Mega Man ​​9 .

Si bien no hay confirmación aún de su existencia como un juego para Xbox Live Arcade o PlayStation Network , por lo menos nosotros sabemos que será un juego descargable en un lugar donde la mayoría tiene sentido: WiiWare.

Además, los rumores de un Estilo artísitico 8 bits no sólo eran ciertas , pero bastante literal : Hasta ahora , esto se ve como uno de los juegos de NES , en lugar de la tarifa después de Mega Man 7 y Mega Man ​​8 , cada uno de los cuales tiene sus fans y detractores .


Castlevania Judgement for the Wii, Fighting game??


Yeah i was the same as you, Surprise !! its a fighting game

i think this is just a lack of creativity from the producer...

Castlevania picture 

According to GoNintendo, the latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals the proud return of the Castlevania series to consoles. Castlevania Judgment is, believe it or not, a 3D fighter, pitting classic characters from throughout the series against each other in mortal combat. Yes, not at all the exact opposite of what Castlevania fans have been asking for.

GoNintendo's report from the mag hints at appearances from characters like Simon Belmont and Alucard, the use of sub-weapons like holy water and boomerangs, and (surprise!) motion controls.

Odd, yes, but while Konami may not be known for its fighting games — outside of Yie Ar Kung Fu — it had dabbled in 3D fighters when they were in their heyday. It was also responsible for one-third of the line-up Dream Mix TV World Fighters, a Japan-only fighting game that featured Simon Belmont and Solid S…

Twilight Hack update works on 3.3 Wii Version

Twilight Hack v0.1beta1June 21st, 2008 by marcan · 154 CommentsThis new version of the Twilight Hack is compatible with version 3.3 of the Wii System Menu, using the workarounds explained in previous posts. Thanks to everyone on IRC who contributed to the search for the bugs, and to tmbinc and tehpola for finding the two bugs that make this possible.Changelog for this release:The Twilight Hack is now compatible with version 3.3 of the Wii System Menu.Improvements in video configuration. The entire console should now be visible in all video modes, and scrolling has been improved.For the USA version, the two variants of the hack have been packed into one save file. Just select the save slot that corresponds to your version of Twilight Pricess when you start the game.New savegame icons by drmr. The new icons now show which region that version of the hack is for.This version now tries to load boot.dol, and falls back to boot.elf if boot.dol is not found.???????Many, many bug fixes.Downloa…

Gyrostarr for the Wii Ware

Nice Shooter, four players!

How much of a gamer (Wii FAN) are you?

For those that have never heard of Blik its a company that specializes in wall decal design. As of recently they've teamed up with Nintendo to bring you a full wall size decals of you favorite Nintendo video game. I've heard some say that would be a good way to show your colors, or scratch that classic video game itch. I say its an excellent way to show why you are 25+ and haven't gotten laid yet. While they may be quite amusing to look at lets face it, who the hell wants to cover their office, living room, or whatever else in a giant Nintendo wallpaper...hell, any video game wallpaperthat's out of proportion. On the other hand this is definitely a much better way to decorate you kid's room than using your stereotypical ducky themes!

Just in case you are actually interested in Blik Nintendo decals here is their website where you can take a look at the full offering of the classic video game decals: I do want to add that you shoul…

Boxing with Wii Fit - Playboy Cyber Girl Jo Garcia

She doesn't actually move so Sexy or i think she is just there like without knowing what to do, but she looks real Fine! hehe
Go Wii FIT!

wiimote gum Sweet! hu? :P

Yeah i know this is old, but who cares?
We've never really wondered what a Wii tastes like (and aren't exactly stoked to find out), but for those inclined to chew some Wiimote, there's now gum available for exactly this purpose. GKWorld apparently has a supply of chewing gum that ships in fairly good looking Wiimote-styled tins.

Ok the site describes the gum as peppermint flavored, so at least your mouth will be fresh after consuming some Wii. Priced at $3.95 a box, the Wiimote gum is actually decently cheap, and might make for a pretty decent party-favor at your next Wii group grope.

And here is another version by Au'Some Candies that actually shoots the gum Even labeled with the "Official Nintendo Seal," will fool most into thinking it is just a regular Wii-mote for getting your Wii game on. . . guess again. Once you pick up one of these bad boys and you press the back button, a colorful candy will come your way. So maybe it doesn't have motion sensing cap…

Madden NFL 2009 What's New Interview

What is new? hmmmm


Japanese Story Mode Gameplay

Another video of this game for the Wii

Star Wars Clone Wars for the Wii Update

"The promise of a Wii Lightsaber game has hung in the air since the Wii hit the shelves. We think this is the game that delivers on that promise". That's Ken Fox, from Krome Studios, developers of the upcoming Clone Wars game for the Wii. Excited? Cool those jets. He also says this: "We've tried to make the lightsaber control as intuitive and fun as possible. It's not a Lightsaber simulator, but when you swing your Wii remote left to right; your character does the same. You use the thumbstick on the nunchuck to move your character and swing the Wii remote to swing your Lightsaber". Wait, that doesn't deliver on the promise at all! Unless the promise was for yet another third-party action game based on a Star Wars story, only this time with waggle. Which it wasn't! More info on the game below, which is a must-read if you want to see a man use the word "lightsaber" 20 times in a single interview.

Spore for the Wii Video and more

We bring you a little bit of China with Beijing 2008, get our Spore on, show off Wall-E based on Pixar's latest film, pull out our rackets to play some Smash Court Tennis 3, discuss the latest generation of cards by ATI, and much more!

Clonewars Lightsaber Duels Exclusive Debut Trailer

Here it is:

Me gusta como se ven las peleas, aunque caricaturescas pero en fin se trata de la serie Clone Wars que fue solo animada y muy bien...
Saludos gente

I like the way the saber fights look, kind of cartoonish but well that is what and how the Clone wars series are, real good animation i would say...
Good day people!

Resident Evil 5 Signed Petition for the Nintendo Wii

Ok well i know this is kind of old but well what the heck i wanted to share it with you!
Go to this link and sign to request the RE5 to Capcom for the Wii

Ok buen yo se que no es muy nuevo esto pero que importa aqui se los comparto!
Ve a este link para que FIRMES tu peticion para RE5 en la consola del Wii

Quiza CAPCOM lea y escuche a la GRAN cantidad de Wii/RE Fans del mundo!

Spider Man Web of Shadows

Behind the Scenes, Combat Redefined HD and SD

Looking pretty nice, i like this combat stile, i might even get the spiderman game this time

Good day!

Latest Wii update bad news for some Wii owners

The latest Wii system update is here, version 3.3, and with it comes Nintendo's response to the burgeoning Wii home brew community. The update checks for and automatically removes any "unauthorized modifications to save files," which includes the Twilight Hack, the only current tool to run home brew applications on an unmodified Wii.

Updating will not effect those who have already installed the home brew channel, but gamers who have yet to do so will be unable to after installing the system update. Oh, and the update allows you to move a Mii from the Mii Plaza to the Mii Parade. Finally.

Since the home brew channel features several different emulators—which could potentially reduce Virtual Console game sales—the response from Nintendo was really inevitable. Now we just have to wait for a work-around to be developed, only for Nintendo to once again block that. It's the circle of life.

Make sure you dont Install this NEW Update for the Wii until we receive more info of wh…

The Legend of Zelda NES Wii Virtual Console

Here is the Overworld map so that you can explore it freely, it has secrets and dungeons marked in order.

Use it as a Last alternative only or you could ruin the game...

Good day!

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party (Wii) - Balance Board Trailer

Doesn't show much but you could get an idea of how this game will be...

TENCHU 4 Ingame Video for the Wii

Looks pretty nice, im gonna get this game for sure!

Es un Juego SEGURO en mi lista de juegos del Wii, espero y sea de buena calidad al final...

Te Gusta el Blog de Wii 4 Everybody?


Gracias por tu apoyo!!



Keter Media Advertising, Anunciate!

Ads, Campaigns, logos, website design, and much more...
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Tenchu 4 Pictures (looking Nice)

Another more adult game heading to the Wii, Tenchu 4 was annouced in Japanese mag Famitsu.

Tenchu is a stealth ninja game, and although the last outings (Xbox360 exclusive, and a DS exclusive) was not well received, the franchise has seen a change of publishers and developers.

But I have hope. Hopefully they have learned from their mistakes, and are going to make some good hack-and-slash Wii action.

I really enjoy the sword fighting on No More Heroes (i have never played Red Steel), and I'd like to be able to do some more.

Just hope this also comes to the American Continent because I've seen on different sites that the debut will be in October in that Country.
If you have any more news please Feel Free to post them here as a comment.

Wii WAD Injector

Impaler WII Wad Injector

This app was created to simplify the process of injecting game roms into existing WII Wad files. It allows the users, based on the game system to select a rom and a pre-existing wad, removes the game from the wad, and places the new game inside. This process does not change the picture show on the channel selection, but does change the game.

Step 1: Select an Game System, Rom, and Wad

This selection screen allows the user to select the game type, game rom, and existing wad.

Step 2: Enter an Game Title

Next, the user must enter a Game Title. The Game Title will be the name of the file that is created after the application is completed.

Step 3: Inject the ROM!

The last step is to click the inject button, once the operation is completed. A file is created in the results folder named like the Game Title.

Thanks to:

wadunpacker.exe - by BFGR

wadtool.exe - by Calantra and DDF

bannertool.exe - by Calantra

wadpacker.exe - by KiKe

sha1 - unknown author


Super Mario Sluggers

Well i really didnt like it so much, but well, it might be a good party game once you get tired of Wii Sports lol

Alone in the Dark Enemies New Trailer HD

This one shows you more of your enemies!
Its super cool!

Tenchu 4 Debut Trailer for the Wii

Exclusively for the Nintendo Wii

Tenchu 4 coming to the Wii

Another more adult game heading to the Wii, Tenchu 4 was annouced in Japanese mag Famitsu.

Tenchu is a stealth ninja game, and although the last outings (Xbox360 exclusive, and a DS exclusive) was not well received, the franchise has seen a change of publishers and developers. 

But I have hope. Hopefully they have learned from their mistakes, and are going to make some good hack-and-slash Wii action.

I really enjoy the sword fighting on  No More Heroes (i have never played Red Steel), and I'd like to be able to do some more.

Just hope this also comes to the American Continent because I've seen on different sites that the debut will be in October in that Country.If you have any more news please Feel Free to post them here as a comment.