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Wii System Specs

Wii SpecsSystem specsCentral Processing Unit (CPU) IBM Broadway 729MHz Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) ATI Hollywood 243MHz Supported Resolution Up to 480p System Memory 88MB Internet Connectivity WiFi 802.11 b/g MediaInternal Storage 512MB Flash Memory Optical Drive 12cm Wii Disc & 8cm GameCube Disc. Discs will self-load into the bay. 12cm Disc Capacity 4.7Gb (or 8.5Gb Dual Layer) Memory Expansion 1 x SD Memory Backward CompatibilityDownloadable Games NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, Neo-Geo, TurboGrafix16 (and CD) Disc Compatibility GameCube ConnectivityWii Controller Ports 4 x Wireless GameCube Controller Ports 4 Ports GameCube Memory Expansion 2 Ports USB 2.0 2 Ports Internet Wireless IEEE802.11b/g or a USB LAN adaptor. WiiConnect 24 persistant connection, even when powered off. Output ports AV Multi-output port, allowing Composite, S-Video and Component. ControllerConnection method Bluetooth (wireless) Wiimote Buttons 3 axis motion sensor, + Direction pad, A, B, Minus, Home, Power button, 1 and 2 Nunchuck Buttons 3 axis mo…